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 21106887 1790775387616625 1443096093734848953 nDMK 2017 Annual Awards night in sydney

Skin Sensations went to Sydney for a jam packed weekend, 3 days courses and the yearly DMK awards night.

Trish & Mel attended the DMK studio 54 theme for the DMK Awards Night 2017 as a DMK Pure Clinic VIP DMK stockist to join Danne Montague King founder of DMK paramedical skincare line, for pre dinner drinks, 3 course meal, drinks and dancing.

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Award Winning Salon 2015 DMK Awards Night

Skin Sensations was awarded 5 separate awards 

1. Most consistent clinic of the year was awarded for maintaining high levels of services team training sessions, DMK development with education, maintaining professional consultation and education of clients regarding the DMK concept.

2. DMK One Clinic of the year was awarded for VIP status. 

3. QLD Therapist of the state was award to Trish Lethbridge for dedication to education and courses attended with DMK. Professional appearance through presentation and professional conduct. Professional consulting and educational manner with clients regarding the DMK concept through visual and functional analysis followed by thorough, unconditional, unemotional and tailored home prescription.

4 & 5. Certificate in Sales excellence in 2015 awards to Trish Lethbridge & Jodie Werth for consistently helping our clients achieve excellent results at home with their home prescriptives

Dermalogica Awards NightDermalogica awards night 2014!

July: Dermalogica had an awards dinner with an exclusive group of platinum salons of which Skin Sensations is one.

 Trish was seated beside Dianna Howard the dermal researcher and developer for Dermalogica, (she invents the stuff) and Emma Hobson, the Dermalogica educator for Australia and all of Asia. Trish has met Dianna Howard on numerous occasions over the years and has known Emma since "we were all young and starting out with Dermalogica 16 years ago."

The next day Trish was invited to a breakfast and went to the launch of the up and coming new professional treatment peel. Very exciting!!!

You can help support your local salon by purchasing Dermalogica from our clinic, instead of online. 

Dermalogica was developed as a salon product so you will be gauranteed you are getting genuine products with the right efficacy and not some cheap knock off. Your skin is always changing so what you used last time may not be the best choice for you this time. Come in and take advantage of 36 years combined experience and let our therapists recommend the proper product for you so you get the best from the product.

Doy out with DMKTrish wins a day out with DMK 2014

June: Trish went to a day with Dan from DMK in Brisbane.

It was more education as well as goal setting and business ideas. Daniel is a terrific teacher and an inspiring speaker. It's so terrific learning more and more about the skin, products, business and marketing. The list goes on but it keeps me feeling motivated and fired up!

Awards Night Sydney


DMK Annual Awards night in Sydney 2015

Skin Sensations went to Sydney for a jam packed weekend, 3 days courses and the yearly DMK awards night.

Trish, Jodie, John & Hannah were cruising on this beautiful boat. DMK have invited us as a VIP DMK stockist to join Danne Montague King founder of DMK paramedical skincare line, for pre dinner drinks on top deck, 3 course meal, drinks and dancing.

Mentoring DMKSkin Sensations won a mentoring program from DMK 2014

May, June & July: Skin Sensations applied for, and won a very generous mentoring program from DMK.

DMK supplies all professional dermal products and one on one training fortnightly with they're very knowledgeable educator Anna who has been with DMK for many years. She has been giving us one on one personal training every 2 weeks and has taught us how to do the more advanced treatments including the 6 layer peel.

We've done quite a few clients now with the 6 layer peel and the results are very very impressive. Tune into Skin Sensations facebook page and follow Trish Lethbridge as she has a 6 layer peel herself and shows you what to expect.

trip to laTrish the Founder, Owner and Director wins the trip to LA 2014

March: Jodie got back from her big trip to Europe just in time to hold the fort, while Trish flew to LA on the trip that Skin Sensations won for the most improved DMK salon of the year, Australia wide. What a trip!

With 10 other top salon owners from around the country, and of course Daniel and Deb the CEO team from Australia for DMK. Danne & Randy, Danne's business partner know how to reward you. Nights out dancing, wineing and dining, with no expenses spared and beautiful accommodation. 

Danne's education, preparing a special cream just for us, then off to his home in Hacinda Heights. More champagne, dinner and entertainment awaited us. Shopping and sightseeing was had by all in the following days.

The generosity from DMK is quite incredible, and to be able to sit there and pick the brains of the owner and inventor of DMK international and its products as well as the CEO of Australia, & the 10 top salon owners in the country, who are all motivated, innovative and moving forward. It is the kind of environment I just love. Sometimes we'd just talk about the kids.