Award Winning DMK Salon



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Award Winning Salon 2015 DMK Awards Night

Skin Sensations was awarded 5 separate awards 

1. Most consistent clinic of the year was awarded for maintaining high levels of services team training sessions, DMK development with education, maintaining professional consultation and education of clients regarding the DMK concept.

2. DMK One Clinic of the year was awarded for VIP status. 

3. QLD Therapist of the state was award to Trish Lethbridge for dedication to education and courses attended with DMK. Professional appearance through presentation and professional conduct. Professional consulting and educational manner with clients regarding the DMK concept through visual and functional analysis followed by thorough, unconditional, unemotional and tailored home prescription.

4 & 5. Certificate in Sales excellence in 2015 awards to Trish Lethbridge & Jodie Werth for consistently helping our clients achieve excellent results at home with their home prescriptives