Trish the Founder, Owner and Director wins the trip to LA



trip to laTrish the Founder, Owner and Director wins the trip to LA 2014

March: Jodie got back from her big trip to Europe just in time to hold the fort, while Trish flew to LA on the trip that Skin Sensations won for the most improved DMK salon of the year, Australia wide. What a trip!

With 10 other top salon owners from around the country, and of course Daniel and Deb the CEO team from Australia for DMK. Danne & Randy, Danne's business partner know how to reward you. Nights out dancing, wineing and dining, with no expenses spared and beautiful accommodation. 

Danne's education, preparing a special cream just for us, then off to his home in Hacinda Heights. More champagne, dinner and entertainment awaited us. Shopping and sightseeing was had by all in the following days.

The generosity from DMK is quite incredible, and to be able to sit there and pick the brains of the owner and inventor of DMK international and its products as well as the CEO of Australia, & the 10 top salon owners in the country, who are all motivated, innovative and moving forward. It is the kind of environment I just love. Sometimes we'd just talk about the kids.