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Waxing at Skin Sensations is time efficient, hygienic and professional. 
We use only high quality non-recycled wax, with inhalation therapy for relaxation and cool compresses to soothe sensitive areas.  If required, we can temporarily conceal unwanted redness after a treatment, at no extra cost. For larger body areas, our efficient roller cartridges work quickly and effectively to provide lasting smoothness. Our roller treatments finish with hot towelling and hydration. We offer a convenient 4 weekly rebooking system to achieve the best results from our waxing treatments. Areas that we wax are eye brows, Underarms, arms, legs, toes, tummy, navel lines, bottoms, chests,  backs, speedo wax. 

Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled round and grown back into the skin. These can be a problem if you don't follow a effective aftercare following your treatments. 

This can lead to Folliculitis an inflammation in the hair follicle causing raised red spots, which can sometimes become infected and turn into painful, pus-filled sores. At Skin Sensations we can treat this condition. Prevention is always the best choice. Please follow your therapist recommendations to avoid this.


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