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Skin Sensations made the News!

Skin Sensations have been helping and caring for clinics for 20+ years using traditional beauty treatments.  As the industry advances so do Skin Sensations always searching for the most up to date treatments and machines that work. Trish the owner and founder of Skin Sensations Toowoomba has been a practising Beauty Therapy and Electrolysis for 30+ years. Trish has updated her skills over the years to a Dermal Therapist, Laser & IPL Technician, Paramedical Aesthetician, Laser Tattoo & Hair Removal Technician, Skin Tags & Benign Skin Lesion Removalist, Advanced Skin Scar Revision & Anti Ageing Skin Management Technician.  

WelcomeAward Winning to Skin Sensations - Beauty Salon Toowoomba

Skin Sensations Beauty IPL skin & Facial Salon Toowoomba is not your typical Beauty Salon. 
We pride ourselves on our customer service and professionalism. If quality laser hair removal, IPL photo-rejuvenation or tattoo removal is what your after, the results that our clients achieve when they come to us is second to none. Our skin treatments are customised, providing both relaxing traditional skin care facials as well as specialsed skin treatments for problematic conditions. Conditions such as chronic acne, rosacea, facial hair, dry flaky skin, capillaries and red veins are just a few of the many conditions we treat. The DMK 6 layer peel is particularly good as an anti-aging treatment and brings new young cells to the surface skin layers. Our extraordinary team of award winning, professional medical esthiticians and beauty therapists will help you achieve your skin care goals through education, home prescriptives & and customised facials.
Award Winning Salon

Skin Sensations has been an award winning salon since it opened its doors in Toowoomba of August 1998. Skin Sensations is a multi award winning salon always taking out national, state and local awards. 

The very first year Skin Sensations was awarded the top Dermalogica salon in Queensland.

The award was based on customer service and client education and the continuing education of our team members. Skin Sensations held that distinction for the next 5 years while also being ranked in the top 10 in the country. Since then with the huge swell in the beauty industry and salons springing up everywhere, Skin Sensations has managed to stay consistently in the top 5 in Queensland and has managed to retain its ranking nationally.

In 2004 Skin Sensations won the service category for specialty stores at Grand Central shopping centre in Toowoomba.

With our team of “top of the class” graduating team members, Skin Sensations won the top Grand Central retail award in 2005 and was one of the top finalists the following year in 2006.

That same year Skin Sensations was amongst the top 5 finalists in the Toowoomba Business awards held by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce.

Skin Sensation has been with Dermalogica, since it began in 1998. Every year it has been given the prestigious honour of being a Platinum circle salon.

In the last 7 years a new V.I.P. Platinum Circle category has been created, again with Skin Sensations being amongst the chosen few.

We took on DMK Danne Montage King premedical skincare products and the first year were awarded and continued year after year with awards from clinic of the year and Therapist of the year. 

At Skin Sensation we have a belief that we are the best and we are the competition. Our commitment to getting the results and customer service are paramount. We are constantly changing and trying new things so our clientele are always treated with kindness and patience, a smile and a nod, and of course, never bored.

Above all we have you, the loyal customer to thank for our awards and ultimately our success. Thank you!


Award Winning Salon 2015 DMK Awards NightBlog Awards

Skin Sensations was awarded 5 separate awards 

1. Most consistent clinic of the year was awarded for maintaining high levels of services team training sessions, DMK development with education, maintaining professional consultation and education of clients regarding the DMK concept.

2. DMK One Clinic of the year was awarded for VIP status. 

3. QLD Therapist of the state was award to Trish Lethbridge for dedication to education and courses attended with DMK. Professional appearance through presentation and professional conduct. Professional consulting and educational manner with clients regarding the DMK concept through visual and functional analysis followed by thorough, unconditional, unemotional and tailored home prescription.

4 & 5. Certificate in Sales excellence in 2015 awards to Trish Lethbridge & Jodie Werth for consistently helping our clients achieve excellent results at home with their home prescriptives


21106887 1790775387616625 1443096093734848953 nDMK 2017 Annual Awards night in Sydney

Skin Sensations went to Sydney for a jam packed weekend, 3 days courses and the yearly DMK awards night.

Trish & Mel attended the DMK studio 54 theme for the DMK Awards Night 2017 as a DMK Pure Clinic VIP DMK stockist to join Danne Montague King founder of DMK paramedical skincare line, for pre-dinner drinks, 3 course meal, drinks and dancing.


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