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DMKC Foundations

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DMK Cosmetics Foundations

Utilizing the proven benefits of botanical preservative complexes such as BIOCENCE™ - a revolutionary new organic compound that prevents the growth of microorganisms on contact - and a high pigmentation factor of up to 53%, creating the appearance of flawless youthful skin. The DMK Cosmetics Foundation Series is, quite simply, the best foundation money can buy.

The DMK Cosmetics Foundation Series is perfect for clients with skin conditions, post-operative clients, industry professionals, or anybody looking for a superior foundation makeup.

Create a lasting impression with DMK Cosmetics.

  • Highly pigmented for the best coverage and flawless youthful skin.

  • Advanced capability to camouflage and conceal facial imperfections.

  • Contain anti-oxidants and botanical extracts to nourish and moisturize the skin.

  • Compatible with all DMK skin regimens.

  • Long wearing - forget those multiple touch-ups!

  • Water resistant.

  • Heat Resistant up to 85°(186.8°F).

  • Variety of shades to match all skin tones to achieve natural facial skin tones.

  • Encapsulated pigments with natural preservatives - no parabens.

  • The first cosmetic in the world to be formulated with The Biocence™ Botanical Complex.

  • Smooth and silky during application.

  • OIL FREE, no harsh ingredients and good for sensitive skin.

  • Specially formulated to soften the look of fine lines and creases with Soft Vision™