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Skin Problem Dry SkinDry, Dehydration & Flaky

  • Skin Concerns: Tight Skin, Sallow Skin, Flakiness, Itchy Skin, Dehydrated Skin
  • Results: Plumper skin, radiant skin, hydrated & nourished, smoother & fresher skin, blood flow for circulation & colour
    • Treatment Options: Enzyme Therapy, Lira Clinical Facials and Peels, LED Therapy, Hydration O2 Oxygen Facial
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 Lira Treatment for Dry, Dehydration & Flaky Skin:

This is the next level kind of treatment that gets your skin functioning for itself again and is our first step in age management and many skin concerns.  Treatment includes Infusion of customized serums, & speciality masques to treat your concerns. For best results, courses of treatments can be recommended.

  • rehydrates and refreshes the skin
  • amazing treatment for age management
  • rosacea and red veins.
  • delivers oxygen to the cells and removes toxins
  • regulates oil flow and cell turnover