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Skin Problem OilyCongestion, Blackheads, Oily & Open Pores

  • Skin Concern: Congestion, Blackheads, Milia, Open Pores, Oily
  • Results: Less Open Pores, Smoother Skin, Prevention of Blackheads, Reduction & Intense Healing of Scaring
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Open pores typically develop as a result of blocked pores, insufficient free water levels within the skin and an accumulation of dead cell material which cement onto the top of the skin and clump up inside the follicle. This is characterised by an orange peel, open pore appearance.


Lira Smart Peel treatments refine by cleaning out the pores, gently exfoliating the dead redundant cell build up, increasing free water levels and minimising the appearance of open pores. Clear congestion. remove toxins and bring new blood and oxygen into your skin make it brighter and smoother.


congestion blackheads oily before congestion blackheads oily after