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When you've had a good facial treatment, you know and glow possibly for days afterwards. You feel good on the outside as well as the inside. Trish knows this because over 30 years in the skin, facials & beauty business is her speciality, that's what she is good at, and it's that combination of touch and energy between therapist and client that makes a facial truly great. It's the buzz that's created that keeps Trish loving what she does year in and year out. She wants only the best for her clients

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Trish has over 30 years of experience treating people we’re not just a skin clinic that treats problematic skins. Our customer service and treatments are second to none so combine that with highly trained empathetic therapists who only want the best for their client, years of practical knowledge and experience and continual ongoing training our relaxation facials are the best and are what we are known for. You will be melting into the extra-wide treatment bed before it’s over. Relaxation for all skin types