Pedicure Foot Therapy



pedicure medipedi bladingPedicure Foot Therapy

Bring those feet back to baby feet! It really is possible at Skin Sensations. This unique DMK Medi-Pedi softens the skin enough to dissolves all the hard callouses be removed. The ultimate treatment for the feet, starting with a foot soak to soften the dry skin and heals. Skin Sensations removes the dry built upon the skin and heels with a DMK paste that will bring your feet back to baby feet. If necessary pedicure paddles and blading will remove any extra excess buildup. An aromatherapy salt scrub exfoliation with hot towelling to complete the experience! Makes for a great gift idea!

Treatment Prices 
DMK Medi-Pedi Foot Facial (Back to baby Feet)  $150 

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