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Facials Omnilux ACNE Facial Acne LED Facial

A drug-free treatment that works amazingly well on red inflamed acne & pustule breakouts. This blue spectrum light works exceptionally well in conjunction with Treatment Peel Facials. LED Omnilux blue light kills bacteria in the pore which is associated with pimples, redness and breakout and in doing so speeds healing and cell renewal that improves scarring. It works at a very fast rate and prevents recurring pimples. This is an exceptional problematic skin treatment that is often overlooked, but not at Skin Sensations! A course of 9 treatments is recommended for best results.

  • painless and relaxing
  • non-invasive 
  • has multiple benefits
  • stimulates collagen
  • treats mild to moderate acne
  • works by killing the bacteria that live below the surface of the skin and is responsible for acne.

Treatment Price
LED Omnilux Level 1 Facial - Face  $135
LED Omnilux Level 2 Facial + Peel - Face $160

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