Teen Facial



Teen Dermalogica Perfect TimingFacial 

This is a popular facials for Teens. Experience this deep cleansing facial with customized exfoliation, extractions, masques to calm and rehydrate the skin from harsh products and environmental conditions. completing the facial with soothing finish products. This facial is a great option for treating different concerns and refreshing skin between seasonal changes. A course of 6 treatments is recommended to achieve optimum results.   

  • excellent for all skins
  • smooths and clears the complexion
  • refreshes the appearance of the dermis
  • extractions to clear the pores 
  • deep cleansing that renews skin
  • bringing cells to the surface resulting in a clearer skin 
  • refines skin texture
  • reduces open pores and blackheads. 
  • Refreshes the appearance of the skin.

Level 1 Teen Facial (exfoliant, masque) $99
Level 2 Teen Facial (exfoliant, extractions, masque) $149
Level 3 Teen Facial (exfoliant, extractions, masque, acne heal light) $199

Treatment Price 
Teen Facial $99-199 

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