Hydration 02 Oxygen Facial



Facials Hydration 02 FacialHydration 02 Oxygen + Exfoliant Facial

Experience a dramatic difference instantly with hydration, instant plumping smoothing of the skin and lifting by infusing pure oxygen into your skin. 02 serum and oxygen hydrate your complexion while stimulating skin regeneration with a quality high-grade hydration serum giving the skin a healthy glow. Whether your skin is oily, dry,  or prone to breakouts or a combination of both, your skin will be rejuvenated.

  • Refines texture and pores of the skin
  • Major hydration and plumping
  • Perfect boost before a special event
  • Skin radiates with immediate results. 

I've added an AHA Rejuvenation cosmeceutical strength peel to rid your skin of dead cells allowing for maximum serum infusion and maximum results. For long-lasting results, Recommendation of a course of 6 treatments for best results.  

Please text 0499383821 with your preferred treatment with the times and dates for Trish to book an appointment for you.