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Facials Omnilux ACNE FacialOmnilux Blue Light Facial

Description of facial

Omnilux Blue light therapy effectively treats oily and acne prone skin by cleaning and decongesting breakouts without medical drugs. Omnilux works well in conjunction with Treatment Peel Facials. Omnilux blue light kills bacteria in the pore associated with pimples, redness and breakout which speeds healing and cell renewal that improves scarring.  A course of 9 treatments is recommended for best results.

Prescribed for the following skin type or concerns
  • Red acne skin
  • Pustule breakouts
  • Inflammation associated with breakouts and acne
  • Kills bacteria associated with pimples
  • Heals pimples or cyst at a very fast rate
  • Prevents recurring pimples
Treatment includes
  • Visia Photo Analysis & Professional Skin Consultation
  • Inhaling Therapy
  • Hot towel Therapy 
  • Double Cleansing massage with steam /Brush
  • Omnilux Blue light therapy
  • Super Hydration Serum
  • Customized Moisture Sealing
  • Individualized Home care recommendations

Treatment Price 

Omnilux Facial - Face, Neck & Décolletage  
Save $130 with course of 6 for… $650

Omnilux Facial + Peel - Face, Neck & Décolletage $150
Save $150 with course of 6 for …$750

Omnilux Facial Add On or No Frills Facial $75 

Acne Before Acne After
Before & After 9 Omnilux Blue Light Facial