The Team of Tattoo Removalists



The Team of Tattoo Removalists

Trish Lethbridge

Our award winning team members Trish & Mel

Trish Lethbridge is the salon owner at Tattoo Removal Toowoomba by Skin Sensations. Trish has been a practicing beauty therapist and salon owner for 29 years. Being one of the first salon owners to open in busy shopping centres in Brisbane in 1988, Trish has always been an innovator and a motivator. She started her working career as a dental Nurse working in that field for ten years, before changing to aesthetics. The years spent in dental surgeries acquainted her with proper clinical practices, proper charting and high standards of hygiene. These skills have been carried with her into her beauty career. 

Introducing Intense Pulse Light into Skin Sensations 10 years ago she quickly realised how fast and effectively superior results, especially in photo-rejuvenation (anti-aging) and long term hair removal could be achieved. Skin Sensations quickly became known as the place to have IPL treatments done. With IPL customers being recommended by medical professionals and other IPL technicians actually coming to Skin Sensations for their own treatments, laser light therapy was the next obvious choice.

Trish has always wanted the “WOW” factor for her clients, or another way of putting it is that she has always wanted to exceed her client’s expectations and she knows that do this, constant evolution of Skin Sensations and more importantly her own education is essential. With the arrival of her new Medlite C6 laser tattoo removal machine another Skin Sensations milestone has been reached, the Medlite C6 being the gold standard for laser tattoo removal in Australia and throughout the world.

For a consultation in tattoo removal or to find out what your best options would be call Trish at Skin Sensations on 0499383821 because nobody does it like the owner.